How come my boyfriend still on online sites that are dating

How come my boyfriend still on online sites that are dating

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My Boyfriend is Active on Online Dating Services

A female has simply realized that her boyfriend happens to be active on online sites that are dating. This woman is wondering should this be alright, and in case she should deal with him.

Dear Doctor Lifestyle Information,

My old boyfriend and I also have actually resumed our exclusive relationship. Years back I was told by him he always looked online on online dating sites, ”just to check.” We realized that he continues to have a vintage profile on a dating website and contains logged in in the previous three times. Just What do we tell him if such a thing?

Finalized: Concerned Girlfriend

Dear Concerned Girlfriend,

This can be a really interesting concern, plus it actually depends upon the manner in which you feel regarding the boyfriend. From your own concern, i will tell that you two had been together in past times. There clearly was a period of time during that you two split up, and today you might be right right back together.